Seriously.  To the point that I don’t even know what to write or how to get it out.    I basically feel like Cruiser looks here in this photo.   Like a clueless grouch who makes weird noises at people and obsessively chews on hangers.   More or less.

By Words the Mind is Winged…

“By Words the Mind is Winged” – Aristophanes On Thursday, the Spring Equinox, I received some blood tests back, indicating an auto-immune response in my body called Hashimotos.   It all started with a basic Thyroid levels test from my obgyn which told us that my TSH levels were pretty high which means my Thyroid is […]

Mermaids and Moons

This is a photo taken of me when I was a mermaid.   I miss those days sometimes, and the tears that come when I recall them tell me that they were good ones.  Gliding through the water, feeling the love pass over every nook and cranny of my body.  Floating, gliding, soaring beneath the […]