The Harp and the Sword

The name of this blog was inspired by a book I read recently, “She:  Understanding Feminine Psychology” by Robert Johnson ( – a great read).
These two respective tools, the harp and the sword represent life, as I’ve come to know it:  beautiful, unexplainable and unpredictable; sharp, precise and powerful.

I think part of why this resonated with me so profoundly, is because I have spent the past six years of this life as a “business woman”.   Starting and growing a significantly hefty business with a couple of my best friends – all of them men, in an indsutry run primarily by white, middle aged men, manufacturing and selling for sports catered to the same lot.  This is not a racial or age discriminanatory comment, it just is what it is.

As I become more mature to this lifestyle, I am discovering that there is a magical, necessary balance that exists in life, in relationships, in business, that when found, opens realms.  A balance that contains both the beauty and mystery of a harp, with the strength and precision of a sword.

Finding the space where each can perform at it’s peak, where the sword can slay to the sweet sound of the harp’s strings – is a scary prospect, I know.   But finding it is easier than you think.

In other words, I’ve learned a lot about myself, as a woman – about the differences in how men and woman do things, how we think, express, work, communicate…. – the whole gamet.  Most importantly, however, is I’ve learned how to be me and maintain myself amongst some of the most powerful, driven, creative dudes around.  This actually has less to do with being a woman than it does with just being oneself, but since I was born with a hole instead of a key, I’m telling it like I see it.   They say we’re from different planets, but i think that’s bullshit.   We’re all from the same place, I just think an equilibrium was thrown off somehow and we are now restoring it.

I want to help with this restoration.

So here, I invite you to explore this balance with me.  Share your thoughts, your experiences – be curious and uncomfortable.

I don’t think this blog will be this tone all the time, so I also invite you to empty your cup, so as to arrive open.  Who knows what it will fill with.

Hasta Luego Amigo…

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