Laugh or Die

I often ponder the situations that I create for myself – marveling at the fact that so many times, I get what I wish for.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  I suppose that sounds a bit arrogant, but the truth of the matter is, you do it too.   Everything you have and are right now is because of a thought or vision, accompanied by an emotion and action.   It’s a pretty phenomenal exercise – to follow a certain situation or outcome back to it’s roots – to the inception of the thing.  

Give it a shot.  

Many a time, I find myself deep in this archealogical dig of “why’s”, “where’s”, “how’s”, etc – it’s dusty, dirty, hard work with tiny clues in a a huge medium.  Close to impossible to put all the pieces together.  

This exploration for explanation is an endless endeavour – i’m pretty sure.  I am not discounting it by any means, in fact, I encourage it with 110% support.  I think it’s healthy to question things – to challenge what is – it’s how we progress as humans and as a society.  I also believe in the power of identifying and unearthing pods of beliefs that we’ve accumulated during our time here – but that’s a different post entirely.

What I’d like to touch on tonight, is contained in the title of this post and something that has presented itself to me a lot lately:  the importance of laughing…. at youself. 

I am blessed to be surrounded by people who laugh A LOT.  

Growing up – and honestly until about a year and a half ago, I resented those who laughed at missed planes, at work hicups, at public typos, at basically anything that suggested imperfection.   Whether it was how I was raised or whatever, I’ve always  been challenged by lifes blemishes – the thought of being less than perfect or of disappointing, made me sick.  It was unacceptable in my book and I would go to extremes in terms of self sacrifice to make sure it didn’t happen on my watch.

** Quick note – I’ve edited this post way more than necessary – most likely because of this fear…. slowly getting over it… 😉

“Don’t they care about this?” or “I can’t believe this doesn’t even register as serious for them”  were  frequent thoughts in my head…

As I explored some of these disturbances, what has been revealed to me, is that I have a tendency to take myself way to seriously, and that life goes on – with or without my worrying.

More often than not, a lot less energy is spent on you than you think.   Most of the time when you’re insecure about something you said or did – the people who you’re worried about don’t even think twice about whatever it was.   We move on – life moves on.  That’s how it goes, that’s how it flows.   

So, without further ado – I’ll leave it at that.  A simple message said in long wind.  Laughing is like magic fairy dust – all of us have access to it and it is infinite – there is an endless supply and it’s constantly being created.   Look for it if you don’t have it now – you’ll get it soon.   This shit is for real.  

And next time you get cut off in traffic or miss the buss or your barista messes up your order, take a breath and make some space.   Look at it from a distance and realize the humor – not necessarily in the situation, but more in your immediate reaction.  Is it really worth worrying over?  Give this a shot for a couple days and let me know what you find.


Until then….


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