A Month in the Hole

This afternoon, after skiing perfectly corny spring snow under bluebird, sun shiny skies, I sat on the deck of my Jackson Hole abode, soaking up some afternoon rays, responding to emails, sipping on coconut water, in my undies (yup), marveling at how AWE-some life can be.

I say “can be” because, simple as one word may seem, the power contained here is immeasurable.
Believing you can or can’t do something, be something, see something, feel something….. is everything.

I’ve been “living” in Jackson Hole for the past month.  I experienced a draw, like a magnet, to this area after leaving it in february.  Lot’s of heart discussions, tears and contemplation led me to take action.  The decision to come up here was surprisingly unsettling and since being up here, a lot of perspective has been gained on why that was.

For the past several years, I believed that I was tied to “the office” and that I couldn’t leave because things would fall apart without me or that my role would be forgotten.   Now, I’ve only been here a month, so there’s no telling if either of these things will still happen (doubtful), but what I have learned, so far, is this:

1.  Following a feeling will probably teach you something.   If that feeling is fear, it usually means that you’re in the right place, facing the right direction.  Progress is rarely made without taking risks.

2.  Relocating physically, is an awesome opportunity to tune in to your present self.   My official place of residence is CO – which is where I grew up, where my family and friends are, and where everything is familiar.    Being there is comfortable and amazing however, placing myself in unfamiliar territory with unfamiliar faces has proven to be one of the most vigorous experiments I’ve done in a while.  At “home” I tend to operate in a pattern and even though I’m aware of this, it’s sometimes tricky to step out of it.  This has been an awesome check-in with who I really am NOW.

I actually have to run now – going to a concert with some new friends – so here’s a quick sum up:  Taking a leap into the unknown is always scary, but doing so builds character and experience from which to draw from later.   It is  process of evolution and exploration and if you’re reading this blog, I think you’re familiar with what I’m saying.
So do something that scares you today.  And everyday.   Follow a feeling and act.   See how it goes.

Greetings from the Tetons.

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