Dreaming of Condors

1.Las Tórtolas Power View webThree hours into the nine hour flight from Dallas to a santiago and my butt is already restless.  My whole being is restless, in fact – buzzing with excitement for the week  that lies ahead.
The rest of my team is already there, a tribe of amazingly beautiful, driven and dynamic women, who  have elected to represent Icelantic in at the Eye of the condor, in la Parva for the next 7 days.
As often happens on planes, especially when the plane is traveling to somewhere exciting, I started thinking about my life and how I got to be where I am right now  (currently there’s a reeeeeally bad movie playing too, that helps with these moments)

It’s Cool to look back and reflect on where life has taken you so far.
It’s also cool, and maybe even more fun, to think about where you want to go from here.  Whether its a different country, a new state of mind, mastering an instrument, or starting your own business, having something to work towards is unbelievably powerful.
Chile, for example is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go.
Since before we started Icelantic, my plan after graduating college was to head south to the wine region of Chile and learn all about viticulture, and the wine industry, learn the language and spend time connecting with the massively breathtaking scenery abound there.
About a month before I was slated to head south, I got a call from Ben to help him get Icelantic off the ground.  After a heavy dose of self-exploration and   deliberation, I decided to stay in colorado, help my friend, and take part in a really cool opportunity to build a business, a brand and ultimately, a lifestyle.

Seven years and immeasurable experiences, people, countries and mountains later, I’m flying to Chile – a long dreamt about experience, coming to life.
The opportunity for this trip came basically out of the blue and with a quick deadlne for decision.

I had no idea as to how everything was going to come together to make it happen, I just knew that I wanted it to.
But the minute I decided to commit, pieces began falling into place.

Not to say that it has been all smooth sailing -there were missing pieces up until minutes before my flight, and I’m sure there still are(that I’ll find out about soon), but the point is that deciding to do something, especially when the decision is fueled by desire, is almost all the details you need.

Admittedly, this is only the beginning and while a lot of leg work has gone in so far, we still have an awesome challenge ahead of us which will inevitably require a lot from the team on multiple levels.
But hey, we’re going to be skiing in the Andes, in July(!), with good friends, yummy food, spicy cultures and adventures around every corner, I think that warrants some draws from the ‘ol drive bank.
We have everything we need – and plenty of it.
Desire is a powerful force that, along with enthusiasm and a smile can get you a long way in this world.
Where do you want to go?

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