Truth Be Told

The truth really does hurt sometimes.

Lately one of my mantras has been honesty.  In everything.

Honesty at work, honesty in relationships, with friends, family and most of all, with myself.  As I continue to practice this mantra, I continue to be challenged by the results it delivers.  When dealing with honesty, it usually means you’re dealing with situations that are fragile.  It also usually indicates an attachment to an outcome of a certain situation – one that will effect you and your ego if the result turns out a specific way.

I’ll share a recent example with you – one that I’m still processing (maybe this will help the process;-))
I recently returned from one of the most epic, enriching and revealing adventures of my life.  The Eye of the Condor is a week long ski photo/video competition hosted by La Parva Ski Resort in Chile.  I assembled a team of 6 outstandingly beautiful, talented and driven women to represent Icelantic and compete against some of the best in the industry.

We ended up winning the award for “Best Video”, which was a HUGE feat considering most of us had never met before, let alone worked together, and the film maker had never shot skiing before.  A very big honor, to say the least.

The next part of the competition was a “People’s Choice” voting, which lasted for 2 weeks after the competition, hosted by one of the major Ski magazines here.

Our team was ahead by all of the other votes combined until the second to last day, when the curator of the voting reminded all competitors to “vote early and vote often” – meaning that you can vote as many times as humanly possible.  So, the next closest competitor took this to heart, executed all of their resources and took the lead by a sizeable margin, ultimately taking home the People’s Choice.

This was a truth that hurt.   For a couple reasons.

First, I was very emotionally tied to this project and therefore, to the outcome.  Taking home the “People’s Choice” was something I wanted badly and felt that we deserved.  In fact, I still do – but the point to observe here, is the emotion tied to outcome –  dangerous territory.

Second, these girls (including myself) put everything we had into getting our people to vote, which they did.  And not only did they vote, they voted with heart, a genuine support for us to take the title.
To see these efforts presumably “go to waste” hurts my heart and soul more than anything.

Third, and most profoundly, the other team absolutely crushed it when notified of the multiple vote thing – something I could have done easily – and ten fold, at that.
The reason I didn’t, however, is because I was tied to this belief that the process wasn’t “right” it wasn’t really “People’s Choice” if is entered 1000 times by some un-paid intern.

All is fair in love and war, I guess.  And this is one truth that is still hurting.   The head has let go, but the heart is taking longer.    I think this is where truth is held – in the heart.   Matters like these usually have to deal with very deeply rooted ego concerns of survival – which I’ll go off on another day, but for now, let’s just say my heart is getting a good workout – it’s speaking loudly.  So loud that sleep is tough, hence this post….

The truth is, I’m glad I’m on this kick, but honestly… this shit is cray.

Humbly Learning,


Here’s a pic of the ladies – with the Golden Condor and Giant Check – because I need to remember that we did kill it, afterall…  😉


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