Traveling Tales

IMG_2960Every time I travel, something magical happens.   Whether it’s
connecting with someone new, running into an old friend or getting to
stay in a beautiful ski-in, ski-out house on the mountain, it’s
interesting to observe the flow when you’re not in a normal routine.
I spent the last 5 days in Aspen, and as I’m sure you can guess, had
an impactful and memorable time.  I was invited up to speak at ACES
(Aspen Center for Environmental Studies) on the trip I took to Chile
this summer to Compete in the Eye of the Condor
I accepted this invitation with honor,and looked at it as an
opportunity to bring the group of women together again and, of
course… a good excuse to go to Aspen.
As travel flow often times does, my “24 hour” trip turned into 5
days of continuous opportunities, old friends, new friends, skiing and
adventuring– in all sorts of the word.
I think about this often, as I am a traveling/wandering soul.  I love
new things, places, people, challenges, and I thrive on and evolve
from all of the above.  When I’m in an ‘new’ situation,  I tend to be
more alert to my surroundings and therefore, more open to and aware of
opportunities and coincidences.  Because I’m in this “heightened”
state of awareness,the flow of life can be felt more profoundly, and
who I am, presently, is invited to engage and express.   Makes for a
cool opportunity to be here, now.  Quite Zen-ish, really.
Often when I return from a trip, I have a come-down period where my
energy decreases, a sense of monotony and familiarity snuff my flame
a bit and if I’m not careful, old patterns that no-longer serve me
begin to creep back into my minutes.  Since I’ve realized the effects
of this wonderful drug (Travel) and it’s withdrawal symptoms, I have
consciously been making an effort to approach my days at home with new
To drive to work a different way, go to lunch with some one new to a
different spot, take a yoga class at a different studio and say yes
to invitations that I wouldn’t normally say yes to.  Colorado is my
home turf, specifically the Front Range, so it is easy to ‘believe’
that I know everything about this place and that there’s nothing left
to discover.  To that, I say bull shit, as I sit here typing this now,
I notice the First Tracks sticker on my computer and think about the
reason First Tracks even exists.  It all started as an idea – and
the courage to think differently and do something new.  Everything
comes from nothing and we create our reality.
You took just as big as a risk on us as we did on you – I think that’s
 pretty cool.  First Trackers are on the Forefront of Freethinking, and
 that’s why we love you. So as we become comfortable with this new
 year, I encourage you to approach your day with new eyes and open
 mind – and I ask that you help us do the same!  Community is about
sharing, helping and progressing – and though sometimes challenging,
 it’s always rewarding.
It’s dumping in Denver – Let’s go skiing!!
Falling Flakes and Wandering Words,

2 thoughts on “Traveling Tales

  1. You guys look badass. I agree with what you say about being on the ‘low’ when coming back from travelling. It’s hard to live in the now when the ‘now’ is so mundane and routine. I like what you say about taking different routes and doing little things to spice up my everyday life.

    Thanks for the advice!

    1. Thanks @youngontheroad! I just returned from another European adventure last night and am experiencing this a little bit today too. Good to be aware of it – helps with growth! Glad you got something from this! Keep on keepin on 😉

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