Mermaids and Moons

Happy NEW MOON in Pisces March 1, 2014!

This is a photo taken of me when I was a mermaid.  

I miss those days sometimes, and the tears that come when I recall them tell me that they were good ones.  Gliding through the water, feeling the love pass over every nook and cranny of my body.  Floating, gliding, soaring beneath the surface, sun beams like lasers, shining through the ripples illuminating small oasis’s of sand or playgrounds of coral.  With one flutter of my fin I’m propelled forward, hair is free, with a light pull of resistance as the water combs it straight.  

The water comforts me.  Whether in, on or simply near it, water calms and grounds – and always puts my heart at ease.  

Today a new moon is upon us, the Moon of Pieces.  This moon phase calls us to go inward, reflect and tune in – sink beneath the surface into the silence and stillness of presence.   Personally, this moon comes at just the right time – the past couple of months have been crazy.  Shifting, uprooting, confusing, and humbling.  I am amazed at how I’ve navigated through it all – grace has not been the standard, I’ll admit, lots of fumbling and doubts, releases and awakenings.  I am looking forward to retreating for a moment to reflect on all of this. 

Snowing outside, waters frozen form coming down.  

Enjoy the Silence.  

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