By Words the Mind is Winged…

“By Words the Mind is Winged” – Aristophanes

On Thursday, the Spring Equinox, I received some blood tests back, indicating an auto-immune response in my body called Hashimotos.   It all started with a basic Thyroid levels test from my obgyn which told us that my TSH levels were pretty high which means my Thyroid is very tired – producing minimal amounts of its hormone.  Upon further investigation, we found that the thyroid antibodies were present and, let’s just say, in abundance; meaning that my blood cells are attacking thyroid hormone like it’s a foreign invader in the body.   Crazy.    Needless to say, I’m scared shitless.  When I first heard the news about the thyroid levels, I cried for 5 days and nights, when I found out about the antibodies, the reaction was similar.  Only this time, suddenly all of my ‘symptoms’ are worse.

My neck and shoulders feel unbelievably tight and tense, creating a constant headache; I am fatigued; subtely depressed, sleeping lots, not feeling rested, horrible cramping during my periods; foggy brain, you name it, I have it – and since Thursday, I have it 100% more then I ever did.   Or maybe it’s always been this intense, I’m just realizing it now (and that I can feel so much better!!).

The holistic way to approach this ‘condition’ is through lifestyle:  diet, stress management, rest, movement and supplements.  All of which I am addressing with intention and fervor.  One component to this ‘prescription’ that not every practitioner applies is the integration of Energy work and the correlation of the Thyroid to our 5th Chakra.

The 5th Chakra is the connection point between the head and the heart.  It is here at this juncture where our creations, feelings, desires, opinions, our voice pass through to come out into the world for all (whoever’s around) to hear!   It’s interesting that I’m having issues with this glad (chakra) because speaking my truth has always been a challenge for me.

As I play the CEO role at my company now, I’ve found it’s an interesting mix of it being really easy to ‘speak my truth’ and REALLY challenging to.   Tears, heart palpitations, sweaty palms, anxiety all try to prevent whatever is in there, from coming out.   Come to think of it, my throat always balls up to the point that swallowing is hard to do – like a cement golf ball is lodged in  the base of my neck.   Awesome.
Anyhoo, in approaching healing from the energetic angle, and exploring this idea of ‘expression’, I know that it’s important for me to write.  So here I am.
Writing is a creative outlet for me – it’s how I best process thoughts, besides emotional outbreaks which are pretty commonplace for me nowadays.
Dancing, singing and running around with my cloths off are also effective.  Be warned.  6-skiing-young_-wild_-free-web

I look forward to re-awakening my little thyroid butterfly and I look forward to singing my song.

I sure do love to sing.

Much Love.

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