cropped-img_8325-copia.jpgI once got a numerology reading done on my name and the woman doing it told me that I should change the spelling of both my first and last name because, though it’s in my cards to be “successful”, the current spelling of my name will make it more challenging.
Changing the “E’s” to “A”‘s would make everything easier, smoother, better understood.

I haven’t done it yet…. and I’m not planning on it anytime soon. Not because I don’t want things to be easier (who doesn’t) but because this is me, and so far being me has been pretty cool.
I guess I’m into those obscure Norwegian “e’s” that sound like soft “a’s”.
That’s pretty cool too.
And much like the strange polarity of harps and swords, the name may appear harsh, but once you understand the rhythm, it sounds quite nice.

Welcome to my blog.
My name is Annelise Loevlie (try it), I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far and have in my 20 something years, done, seen, experienced and learned a lot. I have some credentials that you can see if you want to google me, but for all intents and purposes, this blog is to simply share. To relay my experiences to you and to hear your stories. To relate and encourage, to vent and inspire. There is no defined goal other than this.
Here and now. No promises, no expectations.
Welcome – stoked you’re here.

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