The Nose that Runs

I sat down at the bar tonight with 20 minutes to spare before I was to meet a new girlfriend and an old one for a movie.   Before my butt even touched the chair, the man one seat away from me on my right held up a small bouquet of wildflowers and asked if I’d, […]

My Grandma is the Shit

My Grandma is who I have to thank for my sailors mouth.  Since before I can remember, she would encourage, no, insist that my sister and I repeat after her as she pronounced her favorite profanities. “Shit……  Say it Pancake!   Shit”  (Pancake was my nickname all growing up and still is to a good […]

Truth Be Told

The truth really does hurt sometimes. Lately one of my mantras has been honesty.  In everything. Honesty at work, honesty in relationships, with friends, family and most of all, with myself.  As I continue to practice this mantra, I continue to be challenged by the results it delivers.  When dealing with honesty, it usually means […]

Dreaming of Condors

Three hours into the nine hour flight from Dallas to a santiago and my butt is already restless.  My whole being is restless, in fact – buzzing with excitement for the week  that lies ahead. The rest of my team is already there, a tribe of amazingly beautiful, driven and dynamic women, who  have elected […]